Train Driver, Fighter Pilot, Prime Minister: Liz Truss’s best cosplay moments

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Liz Truss was terrible at running the country but excellent at dressing up. What were her best costumes?

Liz Truss put a lot of effort into cultivating an image as a mad woman who loved fancy dress. Cosplay expert Simon Williams talked through some of his favourite Truss costumes.

Russian Person

“Not a lot of thought went into this costume – Truss basically just donned a furry Russian hat, stood in front of the Kremlin and stared vacantly into the distance. However, it’s since become infamous as the moment Truss nearly started World War Three simply by turning up to a meeting.”

Train Driver

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“Of all her costumes, this was perhaps the most perfect metaphor for her political career. Sitting in a driver’s cabin wearing a stupid hat, she obviously didn’t know what any of the buttons did, had no chance of taking control and could only mask the fact that she was totally out of her depth with a sickly little smile.

“The hi-vis jacket was appropriate though – in nature, bright colours often indicate toxicity.”

Fighter Pilot

“She felt the need, the need for speed. Well, she certainly didn’t hang around Downing Street for long!”

Prime Minister

“The crowning achievement of the Truss cosplay repertoire. The Tory faithful found her Thatcher costumes to be so convincing they could barely stop masturbating long enough to write an X next to her name. Like many of their wanks, it brought them nothing but disappointment and shame.”

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