I wanted Boris ‘out’ but I’ve changed my mind and now think we were better off with Boris ‘in’, insists irony-free Brexiter

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Four months is a perfectly reasonable amount of time in which to completely change your mind on a major decision affecting the country, according to a man who insists we continue to respect a decision that was taken six and half years ago.

Simon Williams, a Brexit-supporting Tory who reflexively says “You lost get over it!” so often he’s verging on a Tourette’s diagnosis, has decided that it’s okay to change your mind on a major political issue after just four months, if the decision you made has led to a series of demonstrable negative outcomes.

He told us, “Boris had to leave because I blamed him for all of the bad things that were happening to the Tory party and the country. It was his fault. All of it.

“But then he left, and things didn’t get better, they have just got worse; it’s almost like he wasn’t actually to blame for all the crap things, and things were entirely capable of getting much worse, even if someone else was in charge of everything.

“Why are you laughing? I don’t get it? I didn’t say anything funny.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have welcomed the fact that so many Brexiters now suddenly believe that changing your mind on big issues is an acceptable course of action in politics.

As Hayley Rice told us, “It’s six years too late, but better late than never I guess.”

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