Scarlett Johansson, Bono, and the Pope all really impressed with NewsThump’s new look

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The celebrity world has probably only got one thing on its mind right now – NewsThump’s bold new look.

The top pop star from Ireland, Bono, who you’d imagine flicks through the latest hilarious NewsThump articles whilst sitting on the bog in the morning, probably said something like, “Well, begorrah, to be sure, this new website is a foine thing, so it is, so it is.”

It’s then very easy to imagine him texting Damien Hurst, one of the world’s leading artists, who would have taken one look at the new website and gone “Well, pickle my shark, that’s amazing. It’s such a good redesign, it’s actually like art.”

You’d have thought that Damien Hurst is probably friends with Banksy, who is the best in the world at writing on walls, so Damien would have told him about the redesign and he’d have said something like, “I love that Dames, It’s loads better than anything I’ve done, even that one of the two policemen getting off with each other. It redefines how we think about red. I wish I’d thought of it.”

Of course, Bono would certainly have let his best friend the Pope know about the new look and he may well have responded “In nominy partris, Bono, this looks amaze. God bless you, NewsThump.”

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However, the new look wouldn’t just be the talk of the pop, art and religious worlds, but it would also, you’d have thought, become the latest thing in Hollywood, with leading sexy lady Scarlett Johansson off of the Avengers loving it, probably saying something like, “It’s a brilliant redesign, it’s so good, I’d probably go out with someone who regularly visits the site.”

So, if you wanted to be like the top pop, art, religious and acting superstars, you’d go over to, marvel at the new look, become a subscriber, and then maybe buy a mug, perhaps one of the Wordle ones? There are still about three boxes of them in Mum’s garage.