PMQ’s to be renamed WTAF?

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It has been announced that from today, Prime Minister’s Questions will be known as ‘WTAF?’ in an attempt to more accurately reflect the realities of Liz Truss’s premiership.

The rebranded weekly session in the House of Commons will broadly retain the same format, although the six questions from Keir Starmer to the PM are expected to become more focused. 

The Leader of the Opposition will open up with, “Really? Are you actually taking the piss now?” before a second probing question of “Seriously though, are you for real?”. 

Question three will see Starmer elaborately pretending that he can hear Liz Truss giving an answer before cupping his hand to his ear and saying childishly to the House, “Can anybody hear anything? I think there was some kind of squeak or noise?”

After this, Starmer will shrug his shoulders turning his hands upwards and theatrically asking the House for question four, “What can you do?”, whilst question 5 will involve him saying “See that space there which is totally devoid of all substance? That’s your leadership, that is.”

Starmer will then end with a final probing question, widely expected to be him doing a theatrical interpretation of the crying with laughter emoji.