Pensioners suddenly fearful over end to ‘triple-lock’ after Liz Truss categorically rules it out

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Pensioners already struggling with the cost of living crisis have today become fearful over the end of the ‘triple lock’ after Prime Minister Liz categorically stated it was protected.

The pensions triple lock, which is designed to ensure that pensions never fall in real terms, means the state pension goes up in line with whichever is larger – the rate of inflation, average wage growth, or 2.5%.

With concerns it might be abandoned, pensions have sought absolutely no solace whatsoever in prime minister Liz Truss publicly committing to protect it.

Retired factory worker Derek Williams told us, “Nothing in this world will make you worry about a thing more than Liz Truss saying it definitely won’t happen.

“I was beginning to think that all the cuts were announced and a thing of the past, and then she had to open her big mouth. Thanks for nothing Liz!

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“She is that unfortunately dreadful mix of both incompetence and dishonesty – so we don’t know if she’s lying about it, or if she’ll be forced into a u-turn because of her desperate mismanagement of everything else, but a u-turn on this now seems inevitable.

“If she’d just stayed quiet on the matter we might have been able to go into the winter believing the triple-lock would remain – but she had to say the triple-lock was definitely protected, and now we are all sat here, in our freezing cold homes, convinced the end of the triple lock is not only certain, but imminent.”

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