“I actually quite like James Corden” – Liz Truss finally goes too far

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Liz Truss has finally gone too far and resigned as Prime Minister today after admitting she quite liked James Corden.

With news emerging earlier that Corden had once again been behaving like a complete and utter twat in the US, Prime Minister Liz Truss took time out from ruining the country this morning to admit that she quite likes Corden, and thinks he is really funny. 

Speaking earlier, prior to her resignation she confirmed, “I actually quite like him.

“I think he is really funny and also seems like a really nice guy, and not a complete and utter c*** at all.

“Obviously I am an excellent judge of character, and I want people to know what I think so that I can appeal to the British public and make people like me in what has been a pretty testing week for myself.

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“That’s why I want to let everyone know that I like James Corden. There I said it. And I won’t regret it one bit.”

Asked to comment on the revelations a spokesperson for Number 10 confirmed, “Yes, she’s gone too far. There is no u-turn that is capable of bringing her back from this. She knows she is beyond saving this time. The Prime Minister has resigned.”

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