Short, snappy nickname for new Chancellor still eludes satirists

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As the UK embraces its 4th chancellor in little more than four months, the nation’s hard-working satirists have been left playing catch-up trying to think of a nickname that could be applied and widely adopted for Jeremy Hunt.

Simon Williams, a frequent contributor to satirical publication FactPunch admitted, “Look, I’m drawing a blank; with Kwami Kwarteng, his actions led to the rapid crashing of the pound so Kami-Kwasi was a natural fit, you could even add Kwarteng to the end of it for some delightful alliteration.”

Williams added, “What do we know about Jeremy Hunt? We know he’s unpleasant and treated the Junior doctors terribly when he was Health Secretary.

“What’s a word that we can use as a stand-in for Jeremy or Hunt that describes someone with a track record of unpleasant behaviour?

“Jeremy Stunt? I mean, that was some stunt he pulled with the NHS… Is that anything? Therapy Hunt, cause we’ll need therapy after he’s finished with the economy? Nah, it’s not a close enough rhyme…”

At press time, Williams announced, “I’m afraid we’ve drawn a complete blank. So if anyone has any good ideas then we’re all ears.”