‘Liz Truss is still in charge’ insists man who is actually in charge

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Liz Truss is still the person in charge of the government it is revealed today, according to the man who is actually now in charge of the government.

With Jeremy Hunt now making all the major decisions within the Tory Party due to the current Prime Minister being extremely stupid, new Prime Minister Hunt has looked to assure the public this morning that it is actually Liz Truss who is still in charge of the government, despite her not actually being in charge of the government.

Speaking earlier he confirmed, “Yes Liz Truss is definitely still in charge, if we can find her.

“I mean she is around here somewhere, making all the big decisions and stuff, definitely.  Somewhere knocking about, being a leader and really taking control.

“The fact that I have come in and will be making all of the actual decisions myself without consulting her because she is fucking stupid is nothing but a mere coincidence.

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“The whole of the party is behind her as our leader and has full faith in every decision she makes.  Which is currently none, because she can’t really be trusted to appear in public anymore.”

Asked if he has agreed his latest announcements on the economy with the Prime Minister before he informs the nation this morning, we were told, “Well she didn’t really understand it all to be honest, but yeah sure, whatever.”