Entire Tory party joins the Anti-Growth Coalition

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After Jeremy Hunt undid almost every single ‘growth’ measure introduced by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng, the parliamentary Tory party has been confirmed as the latest member of the Anti-Growth Coalition.

Founding member of the ACG, Simon Williams told us, “It was made very clear to me on the day Kwarteng introduced his mini-budget, that anyone who opposed those policies was part of the anti-growth coalition.

“I – along with the markets – thought his plans were f*cking stupid, but apparently this meant I was anti-growth, rather than just anti-fucking-stupid-ideas.

“Well, here were are just a couple of weeks later and it seems the entire Conservative party has joined me in dismissing Kwarteng’s mini-budget as unworkable nonsense, and so by definition, they are now all members of the anti-growth coalition.

“We have T-shirts, and I look forward to seeing Jeremy Hunt and Liz Truss in them soon.”

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