After he ditched her economic plans from last month, Liz Truss accuses her new Chancellor of being in the Anti-Growth Coalition

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Prime Minister Liz Truss has launched a scathing attack on new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt after he publicly dismissed all of her growth plans from last month.

A Downing Street spokesperson told us, “The prime minister was very clear when she stood in front of the nation and offered her complete support for Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget – she said anyone who opposed the measures he announced was clearly part of the anti-growth coalition.

“So you can imagine how she reacted when she found out her new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is not only talking about those scrapping tax cuts, but also about putting taxes UP, and introducing necessary cuts in spending as his preferred method for managing the economy.

“To find out she’s appointed such a high-profile member of the anti-growth coalition has come as something of a shock, let me tell you.

“She’s berating anyone who’ll listen for not including the question ‘are you in the anti-growth coalition?’ in the vetting process.

“Apparently appointing a Chancellor who thinks the things she said a fortnight ago are completely stupid makes her look stupid.

“We reassured her by explaining that she’s making so many gaffes during this brief tenure of hers, that by next month no one will remember her appointing a member of the anti-growth coalition as Chancellor.

“Thankfully she’s stupid enough that this was actually a comfort to her.”

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