Rishi Sunak puts finishing touches to his next leadership campaign video

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Rishi Sunak has been spotted today putting the finishing touches to his next leadership campaign video it is revealed. 

With Liz Truss highly unlikely to last until the end of the month, never mind the year, former candidate and now smug bastard Rishi Sunak has been spotted finishing off his next video putting himself forward to become leader again, which largely just entails changing a few dates and calling Liz Truss a failure.

Speaking earlier he told us, “No, I’m not doing anything honest, I support Liz Truss all the way.

“But you know if she does happen to go, in the next few days, then I may as well throw my hat in again with this slick campaign video I just happen to have created while she is still in power.

“And the fact that I have already ordered some new furniture for 10 Downing Street has nothing to do with how long I think she will remain in power.

“Obviously she has completely fucked everything up, in precisely the ways that I predicted, and I spend almost every minute of every day trying not to laugh my bollocks off whilst screaming I told you so from the Downing Street roof, but whilst she is Prime Minister I can categorically say that she has my complete loyalty and support.

“I’m just writing my leadership acceptance speech IN CASE I need to use it, that’s all.”

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