Only two more Chancellors until Christmas

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It’s almost time to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft after it was revealed it is now just two more Chancellors until Christmas.

As Kwasi Kwarteng was sacked just 38 days into a job in which the nation was in for two of those weeks, Christmas lovers everywhere have found themselves giddy with excitement.

“Being three chancellors from Christmas can feel like it’s ages away,” said Christmas fan, Sharon Williams.

“But two? Just two more Chancellors? I can almost taste the mince pies!

“Wait until I tell the kids when they get home it’s just two chancellors till Christmas, they’ll barely sleep tonight!”

A Downing Street spokesperson told us, “We wish you would all stop using the governmental disasters of Liz Truss’ administration as a metric for the passing of time.

“Yes, we realise they are as regular as literal clockwork, we just don’t like it.”

Christ, if you’re reading a story about Christmas, you might as well look at some stuff FOR Christmas?