Gary Lineker found guilty of breaking BBC’s impartiality rules after showing ‘clear and obvious bias’ for Leicester City

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Match of the Day host Gary Lineker has been found guilty of breaking the BBC’s impartiality rules after an investigation found repeated examples of extreme bias in favour of Leicester City.

Lineker has been warned as to his future behaviour and has been told in no uncertain terms that he has to be as excited about a goal by Brentford, as one by Leicester in future broadcasts.

A BBC spokesperson told us, “We take the impartiality of BBC employees extremely seriously. Our viewers expect our presenters to offer no bias whatsoever, whereas Mr Lineker has blatantly and repeatedly shown excessive favouritism towards Leicester City.

“Our investigation found that these incidents go back years. Would he have presented the show in his underpants if someone else had won the league? I think not.

“We’ve spoken to him about this, and he’s aware of his responsibilities to be as excited by all teams moving forward. Though he has admitted it will be a real challenge trying to get excited about anything served up by Aston Villa at the moment.”

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When asked if the behaviour of any other presenters was being looked at, we were told, “We’ve had a quiet word in the ear of Alan Shearer and told him to tone down that whole Geordie thing, but he threatened to throw us in the Tyne.”

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