Liz Truss wondering what happens when she no longer benefits from the ‘new PM bounce’

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New Prime Minister Liz Truss has been left wondering what will happen to her soaring popularity once she no longer benefits from the ‘new PM bounce’ that all leaders enjoy.

As Labour’s lead in the polls grows so large it is developing its own gravitational pull, Truss and her team are starting to worry what could happen in the coming weeks.

Tory HQ strategist Hugo Walden-Smythe told us, “Clearly Liz has benefitted from the new PM bounce; every new PM does. There is that sense of optimism that comes with a new face telling everyone it’s going to be better this time. They don’t come with the baggage of previous failures, and they can inspire everyone with their positive outlook for the future of the country.

“Some people will argue she hasn’t actually had a bounce, but I disagree, because without the new PM bounce we’d be behind the Lib Dems in the national polling. Some people seem to focus on the fact that we are thirty-plus points behind Labour, without seeing the positives, and one such positive is that we are comfortably 10 points ahead of the Lib Dems.

“That’s the new PM bounce in action right there.”

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Voter Simon Williams told us, “I was happy to give Liz the benefit of the doubt, and I did, for about 18 minutes, right up until she started doing catastrophic things, one after the other. There is only so long you can keep making disastrous decision after disastrous decision before people start to wonder, ‘are you just really terrible at this?’.

“I’m starting to think 18 minutes was overly generous.”

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