UK joins new European Nations Club purely to troll Brexiters

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The UK is joining the European Political Community (EPC), also known as the European Nations Club, purely as a way to annoy the sort of people who despise this sort of thing.

Liz Truss had previously decided against the UK being a participant, but in a very out-of-character moment performed a complete U-turn and decided to attend the first meeting.

This happened after she realised the only European nations not attending, were Russia and Belarus, and that joining those two nations on the fringes looking in might be a little difficult to spin as ‘sovereignty’.

However, the fact that founding members of the group have said it will be a place to “discuss security, energy and transport as well as the movement of people, particularly the young” has left millions of die-hard Brexiters bereft.

“We didn’t vote for Brexit just to join the EU by the back-door!” explained voter and hard-of-thinking political commentator Simon Williams.

“Brexit has happened, we won, and everyone needs to get over it – including Europe. What’s the point of Brexit if we’re just going to go around joining groups with European countries to find better ways to collaborate and to make things better for all of us. That’s just woke nonsense!

“I demand we isolate ourselves from Europe, and if we become a pariah state, so be it – will be a pariah state full of winners.”

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