Pound falls again following reports that Liz Truss has got out of bed

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The value of the pound has fallen once again following reports that Prime Minister Liz Truss has got out of bed.

The markets appear to have reacted with nervousness to what looks like Ms Truss’s intention to do and say things today.

“It’s been falling ever since we heard that Liz Truss was awake and brushing her teeth,” said Simon Williams, a trader who seems to sell money for money, like that’s some sort of normal job.

“It rallied a bit when she went for her big morning poo, because there is very little economic damage she can do while she’s having a poo, but as reports emerged from Number 10 that she’d finished her poo and was having some Coco Pops, it started to fall again.”

Mr Williams explained what was necessary for the value of the pound to stabilise again.

“Liz Truss going back to bed,” he continued.

“It’s the only thing that can calm the markets. If she’s awake, then the markets are nervous that she will do something, and because it’s Liz Truss then whatever that thing is will be economically catastrophic.

“If she just goes back to bed then there’s no danger of her doing anything, the markets calm down and the value of the pound will go back to normal.”

It does seem though, that Liz Truss has no intention of going back to bed, and with reports emerging that Kwasi Kwarteng has similarly got out of bed, we can expect the pound’s fall to become even more pronounced and look forward to another turbulent day on the currency markets.

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