Man covers thermostat with barbed wire

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A man has today covered his thermostat in barbed wire in a last-ditch attempt to prevent his family from turning on the heating.

Simon Williams, a married accountant from Wokingham and father of two, said he was left with no choice after family members repeatedly turned the thermostat up instead of putting on another layer of clothing.

He told us, “I’ve been accused of overreacting, but I’m not sure this really counts as an overreaction? I mean, I’ve asked politely for them to stop turning the heating up instead putting on a jumper, I’ve also asked less politely. None of it worked.

“So by my thinking, they now have the weigh up the possibility of a painful flesh wound when deciding whether to put on the heating, or another top. All I’ve really done is bring a little balance to the equation.

“Ok, maybe I’ve tipped it a little in my favour.”

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Simon’s wife, Tracy, told us, “Yes it’s an overreaction, obviously. He lost it yesterday when I said I put the heating on to dry some clothes on a couple radiators, but to be honest, I think the barbed wire is just an excuse for him to play out some of his second world war fantasies.

“At heart, he’s just a boy wanting to play soldiers. But with the added likelihood of leaving his children with life-long scarring.

“That said, the kids aren’t stupid; one of them has just chucked a load Simon’s jumpers over the top of the wire so they could turn the heating up and watch TV in their shorts.”