A ‘Black Out’ policy has nothing to do with expelling migrants, excited GB News viewers told

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GB News viewers have been told to calm themselves as discussion around the government needing to implement a blackout policy has nothing to do with asylum seekers arriving by boat and their skin colour.

Derek Williams, one of GB News’ most loyal viewers told us, “Did someone say ‘black out’? About time too! Enough woke nonsense, send ’em back. FINALLY. Someone in government doing something good, though I didn’t think the National Grid had much of a remit over migration.

“Still, it’s got to start somewhere, so I personally couldn’t be happier. Maybe next we could have a ‘dark brown out’, and a ‘bit Mediterranean looking out’ policy?”

GB News producers have decided not to correct Williams’ misapprehension about the true nature of blackouts, because frankly, they need all the viewers they can get.

As one source at the station told us, “Sure, most of our viewers haven’t understood what a blackout actually means, but honestly, by the time the lights do go off we’ll no doubt have found a way to link it to migrants anyway, so why ruin his enjoyment today?”