Daily Mail blames Meghan Markle for government’s disastrous tax rate U-turn

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The Daily Mail has predictably found a way to blame Meghan Markle for the government’s embarrassing u-turn on scrapping the highest rate of income tax.

The Meghan-obsessed newspaper insists that Kwasi Kwarteng was forced into the awkward U-turn on income tax thanks to the Duchess of Sussex’s selfish insistence on earning money by doing things.

The Mail editorial read, “How could Kwasi Kwarteng possibly be expected to cut the rate of income tax for top earners when selfish Meghan could have used that cut as an incentive to RETURN to the UK and milk the taxpayers of our hard-earned cut of her ill-gotten gains?

“Just imagine if Meghan had come back to the UK to rake in her millions, and paid LESS TAX as a result of this tax cut? She’s a leech, and Kwasi is such a good guy that he couldn’t in good conscience leave a loophole like that open.

“He would never have slept again if his decision had led to the return of THAT WOMAN.”

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‘Readers’ of the ‘newspaper’ have reacted entirely predictably, and are seemingly happy to blame the u-turn on a woman living on the other side of the world, rather than an incompetent government that has been in power less than a month.

Derek Williams, a retired office worker from Basingstoke who reads every word of the Mail every day, and is often found in the comments sections of their website, told us, “I heard Megham has the ear of the IMF and the OBR, and though I don’t know what either of those things are, it sounds like Meghan is trying to ruin this country, AGAIN!”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get your mug HERE!

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