BBC faces accusations of bias for not referring to Government as ‘complete f**king c**ts’

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Once again, the BBC stands accused of bias, this time for not referring to the Government as ‘complete f**king c**ts’ despite the fact that the government are clearly ‘complete f**king c**ts.’

“This, frankly, is getting ridiculous now,” said Simon Williams, a media expert.

“This country is run by a collection of complete f**king c**ts, if the BBC can’t just call them ‘complete f**king c**ts’ then how can we trust it on anything? It’s just a basic fact and the BBC seems incapable of simply stating it.

“Only yesterday, I saw Huw Edwards tie himself in knots trying to say ‘the government, consisting of Kwasi Kwarteng, Liz Truss, Suella Braverman…’ and so on, when it would have been more accurate and much quicker to say ‘the government, consisting of some complete f**king c**ts.’ They really need to sort this out.”

However, a BBC representative maintained that calling the government ‘complete f**king c**ts’ was not as simple a matter as people might think.

“I don’t think anyone would deny that it is factually accurate to describe this new government as ‘complete f**king c**ts’, but that’s not the issue here,” he explained.

“The problem here is that a lot of our news programming takes place before the watershed and many people are not comfortable with hearing ‘f**king’ or ‘c**ts’ just after Homes Under the Hammer.

It is understood that the BBC will shortly announce a compromise and begin referring to the Government as ‘complete funking canoes’ in all further news reports.

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