Italy’s Meloni can’t be a fascist because I agree with her views, insist pundits who are also clearly fascists

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The election in Italy of far-right leader Giorgia Meloni has caused an odd reaction in the UK where populist rentagobs, who are two drinks away from calling for Muslims to be put in camps, decided that their infatuation with her ideas somehow means she isn’t a fascist.

Andy Pearce, a tabloid columnist that everyone suspects of owning at least one German uniform, explained that his stamp of approval somehow automatically cleared a woman, who once publicly expressed admiration for Mussolini, of being on the far right.

He explained, “Italians have stuck their fingers up to the Brussels wokerati and voted for someone who triggers the libs by screaming about how much she hates gay people and migrants.

“So naturally the leftie elites have had a meltdown and called her a fascist, and worse, based on nothing more than her words and videos of her supporters making the nazi salute.

“It’s clearly nonsense. I like her and I’m certainly not a fascist. After all, fascists are the baddies in the movies and would I be so smug and so certain of my superiority if I was a bad person?”

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Michael Grayum, a rotund polemicist whose popular radio show consists mainly of him telling people who aren’t there to go away, also denied Meloni was a fascist and said their shared vision of authoritarian ethno-states proved it.

He explained, “You say the Italians have elected a fascist but tell me, would a fascist be obsessed with an ethnic and religious identity that she claims is under attack? Would a fascist surround herself with huge banners and flags? Would a fascist end every speech in a crescendo of yelling and gesticulation?

“Anyway, we all know it’s the socialists who are fascists. Historical fact, that is.”

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