‘Woke’ UK government criticised for trying to force equality between pound and dollar

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The overtly ‘woke’ UK government has today been widely criticised for its virtue-signalling as it continues to strive for equality between the pound and the dollar.

As Sterling continues to drift ever downwards towards parity with the dollar, experts have criticised the wokiestas at the heart of the British government and their insistence on giving the dollar “equal” spending power to the pound.

Voter Derek Williams told us, “The pound and dollar are different. They’re just not the same, and anyone pretending they are is lying.

“The pound can’t just identify as the dollar just because it feels like it, or just because it makes the maths a bit easier on any Florida holiday you are lucky to go on in future.

“Back in my day, a pound was almost twice the currency the dollar is, and now they want to pretend they’re the same? No, not on my watch.

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“Before you know it these social justice warriors will be saying the dollar and the pound can use the same bathrooms.”