Liz Truss in danger of becoming the country’s worst Prime Minister since the last one

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Liz Truss is in danger of becoming the country’s worst Prime Minister ever, a record that hasn’t been broken since the last Prime Minister.

The former Liberal Democrat and current Prime Minister is currently over-seeing an exchange rate so low, you could enter a fiver into a limbo dancing contest.

Truss has also announced a budget that benefits absolutely nobody outside the Sunday Times’ rich list.

“I might be in trouble, again,” sweated Boris Johnson.

“I set many dreadful records when I was leader, but Worst Prime Minister was the one of which I was most proud.

“Shagger of the Year came second, unlike me, WOOF WOOF!”

A spokesperson for Liz Truss said, “the Prime Minister is of course delighted to be nominated for any award that recognises her performance as leader of this great nation.

“As long as we don’t tell her what the inscription on the trophy actually says, then it’s all gravy.

“A huge part of my job is now ensuring that the Prime Minister doesn’t know what people already think of her at this stage.

“Usually I don’t get into that kind of territory until at least six months in. One cannot fault her efficiency.”