Darren Grimes cancelled by ‘woke’ GB News “because I’m a 29-year-old white man”

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In another blow to white men struggling to forge careers in the media, Darren Grimes has been craftily cancelled by GB News, just days after Mark Lawrenson suffered the same fate at the hands of the woke BBC.

In a public demonstration of his journalistic ability and nose for a good story, Grimes was the last person to discover that he was out of a job after it trended on Twitter this morning.

Grimes told his social media followers, “This is more woke nonsense by the wokerati that run GB News. I’ve been replaced just because I’m a 29-year-old white man – and being a white man in the media just doesn’t fill any quotas.

“I’ve been at GB News since the very beginning, and in all that time I’ve had to fight woke nonsense from the inside, but clearly the cancer that is cancel culture has taken hold of GB News.

“There is no other possible reason for me no longer having my own show on the channel. No other reason at all.

“And to those of you suggesting that another possible explanation is that Mark Lawrenson and I were simply not good enough at our jobs to be kept employed indefinitely, I say that is clearly palpable nonsense. Of course we were. We were brilliant. The very best.

“So I am now officially a victim of cancel culture and the woke brigade3, which as I’m sure you’re aware is actually quite a lucrative position to be in for someone like me.

“I’m actually starting to think of it as a promotion.”