Liz Truss’ preparations to become unpopular going brilliantly

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Liz Truss has said she is prepared to become unpopular, and that plan is working an absolute treat.

The pork market enthusiast this morning released a budget which scraps the limit on bankers’ bonuses along with the top rate of tax, while ignoring the rest of you completely.

“Ooh they HATE that,” beamed Truss.

“I told you I was prepared to be unpopular, and look, it is unfolding in precisely that fashion.

“They’ll be flinging their own shit at me by next weekend. It’s all very good indeed.”

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Conservative MP for Painsville South, Simon Williams, said, “One simply cannot fault her unwavering efficiency.

“Only last week she said she was prepared to be unpopular, and already the public are baying for blood.

“Not since that school meals U-Turn have I seen so fast a turnaround.”

Citizen, Hayley Rice, added “grrrr…

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to grit my teeth, that was rude. It’s kind of a reflex when someone mentions the new Prime Minister.

“It’s not taken long at all for me to dislike her, usually they have to bed-in for a month or two, but she’s got my gander up in record time.

“What a bastard.”

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