Man’s pathetic little podcast hasn’t overturned a single murder conviction

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A man with a cute little podcast about that thing he likes has never used his platform to help overturn a great injustice, according to people who know about these things.

Simon Williams, 42, has a podcast in which he talks about the news, but from the very unique perspective of a working dad with two children.

However, reports have now emerged that his podcast has never contributed to the release of a man serving a life sentence for a murder he may not have committed.

Williams told us, “Yes, it’s true, my podcast – which is now on its thirty-seventh episode and is called ‘According to Si’ – has so far failed to quash the conviction of any wrongly-incarcerated individuals, and for that, I’m sorry.

“We do have a nice bit each week where I look at the local paper and talk about any controversial planning applications, and I do feel that this raises some important questions and ethical dilemmas for the local community, but no, I’ve not helped anyone serving life in prison for a murder they claim not to have committed.

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“Not yet, anyway.”

Meanwhile, experts have announced that all podcasts should now be evaluated on how many wrongly-convicted prisoners they have freed.

As one explained, “Sure, crocheted sports people might be a lovely little niche for you to talk about on your little podcast, and yes, it might provide a few brief moments of respite to a small number of like-minded individuals from around the world, but it’s not getting on anyone off death row, is it?”