Man who doesn’t care about the funeral keeps logging in to tell everyone so

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A man who sincerely doesn’t care about the Queen’s funeral has spent all day online telling everyone so.

User SiWills87, who thinks you both stupid and ignorant, has far more important things to do with his valuable time than watching the funeral of some old woman – and has spent pretty much eight solid hours making sure you know it.

Si, whose full name remains a mystery, keeps coming back again and again like he has nothing more important to do with his life than to make it clear just how supremely indifferent he is.

Observers are beginning to think that when he says “I don’t care”, he actually means more of his identity is bound up in this than yours is.

“You can always spot people who genuinely and sincerely don’t care about something,” we were told.

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“Because they’ve posted about their lack of concern six times today, usually with a couple of dozen cry-laughing emojis to really bring home how meaningless this all is to them.

“None of them care what you think, and are absolutely passionate about repeatedly telling you so.”