Jeremy Beadle completes the ultimate long-game prank by popping out of Queen’s coffin

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Jeremy Beadle has finally completed the prank of all pranks.

Faking his own death, and waiting for an opportune moment when the eyes of the entire world would be upon him, the legendary prankster popped out of the queen’s coffin with a huge smile, to a flabbergasted crowd.

“Watch out! Beadle’s about!” declared Beadle, to laughter and applause from mourners who were sad mere second ago.

“I don’t believe it!” gasped mourner and royalist, Hayley Rice.

“He…I mean…he…didn’t he die fifteen years ago or something?! That’s INCREDIBLE!

“Fifteen years of just waiting, WAITING in the shadows for the perfect moment, and he’s gone for it at the moment the nation needed cheering up the most. What a legend.”

Beadle commented, “I spent the last fifteen years narrating classical music documentaries on BBC Four. I knew nobody would look there. I guess I got you again!”

Hopeful royalist, Simon Williams, raised his hand and asked, “Does this mean the queen isn’t dead?!”

Beadle replied “Oh, no, she’s definitely still dead, she wasn’t in on the prank. Her actual coffin is out the back.”