Phillip Schofield jumps to front of Waitrose queue under the pretence of ‘reporting on food prices’

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This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has this morning been widely criticised for jumping to the front of the queue in his local Waitrose under the pretence of ‘reporting on food’ prices for the show.

Schofield was seen paying for his groceries despite others in the queue behind him insisting he had not taken his place at the back like everyone else.

However, a spokesperson for This Morning has been quick to refute the allegations, with a statement reading, “We asked Phil to be part of a film on food prices for Tuesday’s programme.

“At no point did Phil ‘jump the queue’ to pay for his shopping, but instead was there in his professional capacity as part of the world’s media and someone who talks on television about things like shopping.”

“Do they think we are idiots?” asked fellow shopper Diedre Williams.

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“I’ve been stood here for several minutes now, and he just waltzes up and pays for his shopping right in front of us.

“No cameras are allowed at the checkout, something to do with the privacy and payments, PINs and stuff, so how is THAT part of the film?”

The spokesperson for This Morning finally concluded, “Look, Phil doesn’t have time to queue like you plebs, and if we say it wasn’t queue-jumping, then it wasn’t-queue jumping. The end.”

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