Britain excitedly awaits announcement of the queue to join the queue to join the queue

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The world’s foremost queue-loving nation is in a state of extreme suspense as the public awaits the formal announcement of the queue to join the queue being used to join the queue.

After the queue to see the Queen lying in state officially exceeded its maximum length, a secondary queue, for the queue, was begun by organisers keen to adhere to the nation’s queue-loving preferences.

However, as thousands continue to head to towards London to pay respects, experts believe it is only a matter of time before that secondary queue, too, reaches capacity, necessitating the introduction of a queue for the queue for the queue.

Keen queuer Simon Williams told us, “I love a good queue. Love it. Sometimes I’ll go into a busy coffee shop just to stand in that deliciously straight and polite queue, even though I don’t really want a coffee. It’s all so civilised, you know? Not like bloody Johnny Foreigner desperately clawing his way to the front like a bloody animal.

“So as you can probably imagine, knowing the queue to the Queen lying in state has now become so large that there is a queue to join that queue, is just too much. I had to have a sit down. If, as expected, they announce a queue to join the queue to join the queue, I fear might faint.

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“Which will be okay as long as I don’t lose my place in the queue.”