“This is a doddle so far” chuckles Liz Truss

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The new Prime Minister hasn’t had to do much beyond looking sad so far.

Liz Truss who, somehow, became Prime Minister last week, snagged the role literally hours before the Queen died – a series of events our lawyers have advised us to describe as ”coincidental”.

“She’s got her feet up and she’s catching up on her soap operas,” confirmed Simon Williams, a Downing Street spokesperson.

“Her diary is pretty clear right now beyond a few booked slots, most of which have ”look sad for the cameras” as the titles.

“She’s not anticipating doing anything difficult until at LEAST next Tuesday.

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“Basically, once Huw Davis’ tie changes colour, then it’s go-time. Until then, it’s happy hour, every hour.”

Liz Truss added, ”Can you lot keep it down?

“It’s 2pm, that means nap time. If anyone needs me to look sad in public, book it in for after 3pm, unless there’s a new episode of Police Interceptors, in which case push it out until tomorrow.”

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