Prince Andrew’s new corgis made to sign non-disclosure agreements

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Prince Andrew’s new dogs will all be subject to NDAs.

The corgis, formerly the beloved companions of the late Queen Elizabeth II, have now passed into the care of the Prince, as per her wishes – probably – and were immediately ushered into the legal offices of Bastard & Sons.

“Sign an NDA? With what? I have no opposable thumbs,” queried Simon Williams.

“Do you want us to do the paw-print gimmick as we used to in the Christmas cards? I can do that if you like?”

Fellow corgi, Hayley Rice, said, “I take great issue with some of these clauses, this one here, for example, if we smell anything suspicious we are to keep quiet about it? We’re dogs, that’s not how we work.

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“This other one about ignoring any ‘unusual or unexpected guests’ sounds counter-intuitive as well, we were always encouraged to bark at the smell, sound or sight of anything suspicious.”

Lawyer, Malcolm Bastard, said, “Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, bark at anything suspicious.

“In fact, I’m fairly sure that’s one of the headline clauses… yes, here we are, you are to ignore absolutely anything and anyone that looks, sounds or smells suspicious, illegal or in any other way dodgy.

“…so it should be a fairly quiet few years.”