Irish priest arrested in London for holding ‘down with this sort of thing’ sign

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An Irish priest has been arrested in London for having the temerity to hold a sign bearing the slogan ‘down with this sort of thing’ while the nation grieves its lost Queen.

Father Ted Crilly, of Craggy Island, was seen by members of the public with his crudely drawn sign as thousands queued to view the Queen lying in state.

“It’s disgusting,” said one woman who spent the night outside in the cold so she didn’t lose her place in the queue to see a box with a dead person in it.

“As soon as I saw that sign being held by that priest I called 999, and to be fair, they were here VERY quickly.

“A whole team of them lifted the priest up and took him off to a van, where I can only hope they gave him a right good shoeing; you know, the sort of beating they usually reserve for black shoplifters.”

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Meanwhile, the police have been quick to diffuse any tension caused by the incident, with a Met Police spokesperson telling us, “At approximately 11 am this morning a 45-year-old Irish man was detained and questioned about a suspected breach of the peace.

“He continues to help us with our enquiries, or at least he will do when all the swelling goes down and his speech becomes clear again.

“In the meantime, we would remind everyone that this country values free speech, and you are perfectly free to have an opinion that other people don’t like, or to protest an organisation of which you do not personally approve.

“We would just kindly ask you to express those feelings in places where no one can see or hear you.

“And if you ignore us asking kindly, we will be left with no option but to ask slightly less kindly.”

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