Prince Andrew agrees to take on Queen’s beloved corgis for a small £12m fee

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Prince Andrew has agreed to look after the Queen’s beloved corgis it has been revealed today, for a small fee of approximately twelve million pounds. 

The dogs, which were given to the Queen by Prince Andrew last year, to try to get into her good books, will be taken back by the Duke and his ex-wife to look after as soon as a little IOU note is ripped up and never to be spoken of again. 

A spokesperson for the Duke confirmed, “He’s a martyr. He’ll step up and look after them, for a small fee of course.

“The Duke of York has agreed to take on the Queen’s corgis and look after them at his home, for the very reasonable price of say… twelve million pounds?

“Obviously there are a number of costs involved in caring for a dog, such as food, and poo bags and things, which don’t come cheap so it’s only fair that he is remunerated for his trouble.

“And the figure of twelve million pounds is coincidentally what he owes for a little matter that came up recently which we don’t really need to talk about.

“So let’s just call it all quits and everyone can move on?”

Asked where the dogs will be staying once they are picked up we were told, “Fergies house, he can’t be trusted if I’m honest.”