GB News launches new prime-time show ‘Quiet Reflections LIVE with Dan Wootton’

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton has admitted he is willing to fight his own crippling need for privacy to share his ‘quiet reflections’ with the nation during a new prime-time show on GB News.

‘Quiet Reflection with Dan Wootton’ will follow the Kiwi presenter from many different camera angles as he spends time quietly reflecting on things for the benefit of the viewer.

GB News producer Simon Williams told us, “We will follow Dan from numerous angles, to ensure you, the viewer, can witness his most intimate quiet reflections as he is left alone with his thoughts, and just a dozen or so crew with cameras and lights.

“Deeply personal moments of reflection will be broadcast to the entire GB News audience, all fifteen of them, as they can revel in those private moments that mean so much to Dan.

“Each evening we’ll have a live band to accompany the quiet reflection, and we’ll probably have a few guests who will discuss the topic of Dan’s quiet reflection on that particular day.

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“We won’t be relying on luck to capture these moments, and we will ensure the viewer never misses another intimate thought or feeling.

“After all, if Dan Wootton has a moment of quiet reflection, and there is no camera crew there to film it, did it really happen?”