BBC fires Huw Edwards for wearing red underpants

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Newsreader Huw Edwards has been dismissed by the BBC for wearing brightly coloured underpants during a period of national mourning.

The nation may be weeping but one glimpse of Huw Edwards with his trousers down and you’d be forgiven for assuming there’s a party in his pants.

“We’ve had to let him go,” said BBC spokesman Simon Williams. “We have extremely strict guidelines to follow at such times and Huw has breached them in the most disgusting manner.

“It’s the deceit that’s the most upsetting. Huw has been sitting there in his black suit and tie, looking viewers in the eye and pretending to respect the Queen.

“All the time, under the desk has been a treasonous abomination of heinous scarlet cotton.

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“We shouldn’t be surprised – Huw’s standards have been slipping for some time. Only a few months ago he admitted live on air that he’d been eating a croissant.

“Then, just a couple of weeks ago, he put the BBC’s regional quotas at risk when he forgot to put on a Welsh accent. Fortunately, nobody noticed.

“But his lack of professionalism has now been his undoing. Emerging from the toilet while still tucking his shirt in, a colleague spotted the blindingly disrespectful M&S trunks. They are receiving counselling and are doing well.

“As for Huw, his career is over. Never again will he pretend to care about the death of a monarch.

“Excuse me, I need to take this call from HR. Oh no! Clive Myrie has been accused of having a thin yellow stripe on his socks…”