Energy crisis forces 73-year-old London man to take on new full-time job

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A 73-year-old man from London has been forced to take on a new full-time job thanks to concerns over the ongoing energy crisis and the cost of heating his admittedly rather large homes.

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, 73, has been forced to take on the role of ‘Monarch’ after friends explained the rising cost of fuel would see some rather hefty bills coming his way this winter.

A colleague of Charles’ explained, “It’s a real pity to be honest because at 73 years of age most people should be kicking back and enjoying their retirement. Enjoying some travel, maybe some fishing or painting. Certainly lots of reading. But how can Charles do that in the current economic and political climate?

“How can you relax when you don’t know how you’ll heat your home – well, homeS – this winter? He won’t be the only septuagenarian entering the workforce this winter, that’s for sure.

“Being Monarch is a full-time gig, so it will be tiring for a man of his advancing years, but the compensation is pretty good and you get plenty of paid holidays.

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“The only real downside is that apparently, he has to sit and meet with Liz truss every single week. And no, there is no bonus for doing so, we asked.”

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