Man who typically sneers at ‘snowflakes’ demands you stop making Queen jokes

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A man who usually moans that ‘you can’t joke about anything these days’ is begging you to stop making a joke he personally doesn’t like.

Derek Williams, 59, typically comments on misogynistic, racist and/or homophobic social media posts to tell anyone who doesn’t like it to “shut up, snowflake. Get a sense of humour.”

However, the tables have seemingly turned after Williams logged on to the NewsThump website and saw a satirical piece themed around – but in no way mocking – the Queen’s current ill-health.

“It’s DISCUSTING!” confirmed Williams, speaking as he would type.

“The woman MIGHT DIE. Show some respect, even if you don’t respect her, or particularly like her, which you absolutely SHOULD. Everybody should respect and like the same people as me.

“You should take this down. I don’t like this joke, so you should take it down. That’s how the world should work.

“What? No, I’m not a snowflake, how dare you.

“I’m complaining against something IMPORTANT, not stupid things that have no societal impact like jokes about gays or ethnic minorities. THOSE things are funny. They’re fine, because they’re not important to me.

“But the Queen IS important to me, so you need to stop.

“Once again, definitely not a snowflake. But please stop.”