When I was 15 I would never have been duped by a trained intelligence agent, insists man who was duped by a sign on a bus

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Shamima Begum is underserving of any sympathy whatsoever because 15-year-olds are definitely too savvy to be duped by an intelligence agent, according to a man who was duped by a big sign on a bus this morning.

As news emerged that 15-year-old Begum was smuggled into Syria to join ISIS by a Canadian spy, millions have insisted this shouldn’t change anything because she should have known better.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “It’s just lefty woke nonsense to imply that the behaviour of a 15-year-old could have been in any way influenced by a well-trained intelligence official.

“At 15 you couldn’t dupe me, no chance. I was way too savvy.”

However, Mr Williams was also quite clear that he still believes that all the money we sent to the EU now goes to the NHS, because he read it on a bus.

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He went on, “Yes, that really happened. It said so on a bus so it must be true.

“No, I wasn’t duped by a bus. What a ridiculous suggestion. And anyway, it makes no difference. If the bus said ‘go to Syria and join ISIS’ I would almost certainly not have done so.

“Probably not, anyway.”

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