Meghan Markle uses 17th interview this week to complain the media won’t leave her alone

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“I just wish the media would give me some peace”, the royal beauty told the latest in a long line of interviewers.

Constant press intrusion is making her life almost unbearable, Meghan Markle has told a crowd of reporters through a megaphone this morning.

Addressing this morning’s first press conference, Prince Harry’s wife complained the media simply will not leave her alone before calling the event to a close because she had a photoshoot scheduled at eleven.

Grabbing a passing reporter by the collar, Markle refused to let him leave until he had listened a two-hour tearful story about how intrusive the media can be and how she just never gets a moment to herself.

“It was heartbreaking,” reporter Simon Williams told us. “I was watching television last night when she crawled out from behind my sofa and begged me to leave her alone.

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“She demanded I take several photographs showing how unhappy she is and immediately mail them to Rolling Stone for a major expose about press harassment.

“I mean, it’s nice to have some copy to file, but I wish she wouldn’t climb up the tree outside my bedroom window and demand I give her some peace and quiet when I’m trying to sleep at 3am.”