Rising energy costs mean cheapest option for heating this winter is buying a house that’s already warm

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With the latest rise in the energy price cap meaning bills have more than trebled in a year, and with costs expected to rise further in January, financial experts are advising that soon the cheapest way to stay warm will be to buy a house that the previous owner has already heated up.

Consumers have hailed the solution to their money woes, and are now only left with working out how to get all their stuff inside their new homes without letting the heat out.

Other experts are advising caution however, saying the idea doesn’t take into account the fact that properties full of warm air will be selling for up to 50% more than properties where someone left a window open all day.

As personal finance expert Simone Williams explained, “In addition, there are other features which are pushing up the prices of some properties. For example, wood block flooring, which provides convenient access to small pieces of planking that will burn with a lovely warming flame.

“For those of you who can’t afford to move house and are worried about heating costs this winter, bear in mind that you can now get more heat out of a five pound note by burning it than by giving it to your energy provider.”

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