Fringe comedians accused of ‘punching down’ after mocking soon to be unemployed man with dozens of kids to feed

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Whilst political satire has always been a mainstay at the Edinburgh Fringe, commentators are concerned that comedians are unfairly punching down on the soon to be unemployed Boris Johnson.

Some have argued that it is ‘unkind’ to mock an intellectually infirm shell of a man with a staggering number of illegitimate children to support and who is cursed to perpetually look like a character from Fraggle Rock awkwardly folded into a mid-priced Marks and Spencer suit.  

Simon Williams confirmed that, “I understand ribbing the establishment is part and parcel of comedy, but mocking someone who’s about to lose their job to Liz fucking Truss, of all people… Mocking someone that made people nostalgic for Theresa fucking May’s premiership…

“There’s low hanging fruit, and then there’s the street level blackberries that no-one in their right mind picks because they’re covered in Rottweiler piss.

“I expect better from comedians.” He added.

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After a brief pause to consider Boris’ plight, Williams continued, “It’s not like he could defend himself, have you ever heard him finish a sentence? I’ve had more coherent rejoinders from my Citroen Berlingo when the timing belt snapped on the M6.

“It’s basically just bullying at this point; the only thing Johnson has in his life now is being photographed in hi-vis jackets and pretending he could ever do a useful job like a train driver or crane operator.

“Just leave the man be.”

At press time, the staunchly anti-woke, pro-backstabbing Rishi Sunak dismissed the criticism, telling reporters, “People are sick at being told what to laugh at on stage and on TV, it’s a really important issue to them, certainly much more important than not being able to afford to turn on their TV this winter.”