Man Utd to release Ronaldo if he persists with unreasonable demands to compete for and win trophies

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Manchester United have stated that if Cristiano Ronaldo continues with his unreasonable demands compete for and to win silverware, it will result in his contract being terminated with immediate effect.

A club spokesman said in a club statement: “Cristiano needs to cool it with these frankly absurd demands about winning trophies. That isn’t what we do here at the Glazer family’s Manchester United.

“If he continues like this, he can bugger off to someone like Leicester, a club that has won a Premier League, an FA Cup and a Community Shield more recently than we have.

“We know he’s publicly outlined his desire to leave and has spent all summer trying to depart Old Trafford, but we’ve got him right where we want him.

“If he doesn’t get his head down and start performing like Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, then we’ll let him go for nothing and pay up the remaining year of his multimillion contract.

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“That’ll teach him. No one player is more important than Manchester United retaining its current reputation for mediocrity. No one.”

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