Boris treats himself to nice holiday after exhausting fifteen minutes of work in energy meeting

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After turning up for fifteen minutes of work at a crunch meeting with energy bosses, an exhausted Boris Johnson has treated himself to a week or so in Greece.

“Forgotten how exhausting Prime Ministering is,” he laughed as he glugged retsina in a café in the Greek coastal town of Nea Makri.

“All that going to meetings with glum looking fellows and talking about the economy. Takes it out of a chap. So, yes, after doing all that work in an energy meeting, I thought it was time to recharge MY energy with a nice trip over here in Johnny Foreigner-land.”

Mr Johnson suggested that people who were getting worried about the fuel cost increases could take a leaf out of his book.

“Oh yes, a week or so on the Greek coast puts it all into perspective. You just feel your troubles just melt away. I would recommend anyone who’s worried about paying their fuel bills just gets away for a week or so. You’ll feel like a new chap.”

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He went on to explain how the holiday was helping him.

“It’s just the ticket. Doing me the power of good. Another week or so of this and I would imagine I’ll be able to do maybe half an hour in a meeting. Provided I get a couple of days off afterwards, of course.

“Don’t want to get too burnt out.”

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