Boris Johnson spotted seriously considering a full hour’s work

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Boris Johnson has been spotted seriously considering doing a full hour’s work today. 

With the Prime Minister absolutely nowhere to be seen since promising to continue to lead the country until his successor was appointed, sources at Number 10 have revealed today that he definitely considered putting a small shift in after being spotted near his desk. 

Speaking earlier, our Downing Street source revealed, “He definitely thought about doing SOME work.

“But he quickly binned it off and decided he couldn’t be arsed before going back to bed and putting on a box set.

“Everyone knows Boris Johnson doesn’t really give a fuck anymore, and isn’t actually doing anything whilst the entire country goes to shit.

“But I can confirm that he did make a very brief appearance this morning in his office where he looked at some papers on his desk.

“Before deciding that it all looked to be far too much hassle to be getting involved in before promptly disappearing once again.

“Fortunately he managed to grab a bottle of wine and some crisps on the way out to take back to his bedroom.

“So it wasn’t a wasted journey.”

Asked if he mentioned inflation or the cost of living crisis we were told, “No, he was looking for a cork screw.”