Rishi Sunak reminds people that Top Gun: Maverick came out whilst he was Chancellor

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Rishi Sunak has defended his record in government, reminding people that Top Gun: Maverick came out whilst he was Chancellor.

Top Gun: Maverick was far better than most of us we’re expecting,” said Mr Sunak at a meeting with members.

“It really seemed like it would be a cheap cash-in on a much beloved original and instead, it turned out to be the best blockbuster of the summer. That happened whilst I was Chancellor.

“You see, I think it’s easy to get caught up in the problems of the last government with regard to mistakes made around partygate and internal party management, but a lot of good things happened whilst I was Chancellor- Top Gun: Maverick, England getting to the finals of a major football tournament, that terrific Dua Lipa record. It was also quite sunny a lot of the time.”

Simon Williams is a deranged lunatic and Tory party member who had been leaning towards supporting Liz Truss.

Top Gun: Maverick, I mean it was a brilliant film. My favourite of the year. Perhaps he wasn’t such a bad chancellor after all?

“And you’ve got to ask yourself, if Top Gun: Maverick came out when he was Chancellor then what could happen if he were to become Prime Minister? Perhaps Yahoo Serious could make a surprisingly good sequel to Young Einstein. That’s a lot to think about.”