Rishi Sunak gets huge boost in Tory heartlands after admitting he diverted money to them from deprived urban areas

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Rishi Sunak has taken a massive lead in the Tory leadership race today after footage emerged of him admitting diverting money from deprived urban areas to give it to Tory.

The footage, which showed the former Chancellor explaining how he literally took money from the poor to give to the rich was leaked online earlier, promptly swaying thousands of Tory voters to immediately back him as their leader. 

Conservative Party member and twat Simon Williams told us, “Oh, that’s it. He’s definitely our man. Rishi all the way!

“I watched the footage earlier where Rishi Sunak proudly claimed that when he was the Chancellor he funnelled taxpayers money from deprived urban areas that clearly needed it, to wealthy Tory suburbs, and it filled me with joy.

“This is exactly the type of person we want as our leader and he encompasses the very Tory values need in the leader of our party.

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“I used to favour Liz Truss, but not once has she mentioned how she has, or intends to, completely fuck over the vulnerable and poor in favour of her rich Tory friends. It might be implied, but Rishi has been very vocal about how he’s done it.

“I just hope that Rishi keeps to his word and continues to not give a shit about anywhere that isn’t middle class or downright stinking rich.”

Asked if he would consider giving Liz Truss his support again if she promised to shit on the poorer sections of society we were told, “She’d have to say it on camera, so we can hold her to it.”