Sajid Javid bravely backs Liz Truss for Tory leader, now that he knows she’s going to win

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Sajid Javid has become the latest MP to back Liz Truss to become the next Tory leader, now that he is confident she will be the winner. 

With news emerging this week that Liz Truss has extended her lead over Rishi Sunak in the race to become next Prime Minister, Sajid Javid, and most other MPs who were waiting to see which way the members would vote have now decided that they are firmly behind the candidate and support her all the way, because she’s going to win. 

Speaking earlier he confirmed, “Truss all the way baby!

“I would like to offer my full and unwavering support to my favourite candidate and bestest friend Liz Truss, now that I know she is going to absolutely piss it.

“Obviously I have waited for a while before declaring my loyalty in order to see who would win, and ultimately give me a job.

“If there is one quality the public admire in Tory MPs above all others, it’s our ability to only express an opinion once we are confident in how it will benefit us personally.

“So now that I know Liz is going to be the next Prime Minister, I want to offer my full support and put on record that I want her to win, now that I know she will definitely win.

“Rishi is useless and Liz Truss is miles better and basically just great and I love her.

“Can you tell her I said that?”

Asked if he would still support Rishi Sunak as PM if he was to end up winning we were told “He’s not catching her is he? I mean he’s not that bad… I love him too. I like them both. Shit.”