Fans already demanding Snyder Cut of Batgirl

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Warner Brothers have confirmed the forthcoming Batgirl movie is so ‘irredeemably awful’ it will never be released, leading to online fans demanding Zack Snyder be given tens of millions to make it both longer and somehow worse.

Batgirl – which is said to be so utterly unwatchable the studio won’t even let anyone see it for fear of ruining their reputation – would be the ‘perfect match’ for Snyder’s run on the DC Cinematic Universe, fans said.

After Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and Justice League, a Twitter movement has already appeared to insist that involving Snyder now can’t make things any worse than they already are.

“If Zack gets a recut, I promise to watch it,” said twitter user @simowil9856.

“That is surely worth Warner Brothers forking out another cool seventy million to make an already unwatchable pile of crap several hours longer and even less meaningful.

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“What’s more I might even watch it on a legitimate streaming service rather than torrenting it like I did Justice League, meaning that they’ll get back a few pennies in revenue.”