Woman uses salt and pepper pots to patiently explain to confused husband how Lionesses are better than England’s men

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A woman has this morning spent thirty minutes explaining to her confused husband why the England’s women team is so much better than the men’s team.

“It seems like a very simple concept to understand, if you ask me,” explained Sharon Williams after talking at length to her husband, Simon.

“But he just couldn’t get it. I ended up having to use the salt and pepper pots to represent the England players, and the Ketchup bottle was Ella Toone scoring the sort of lob that would have graced any international final in the last fifty years.

“I would say, ‘this is Beth Mead, she is the top scorer and best player at the tournament’ and ‘this is Alessia Russo, who scored the best goal of the tournament and the best England goal scored in a decade’.

“But he just kept saying, ‘I don’t get it’ over and over again. It feels like a very simple thing to understand, but maybe you just need to be really into football to get it?

“I’ll probably have a good laugh with the girls in the pub later about these men and their little brains struggling with simple concepts like women providing an exhilarating and technically excellent sporting performance on the way to a major tournament victory that delighted an entire nation.”

Meanwhile, Simon told us that if someone could explain it one more time, maybe this time adding in the jam and the marmalade, he will finally understand why the Lionesses are so good.